Sexism at University: Reflections at the End of the Year

Any comments from any of my readers and friends?


As the academic year comes to an end, I’m asking for people’s reflections on their feelings about gender and university.  At the start of the year, there was some great writing being published about sexism in freshers’ week in the national press, and it encouraged me to open up the subject on the blog, with a piece by Megan Clark and news from Nottingham about what made people uncomfortable (or outraged) and what was being done about it.  A new Feminist Society formed at the university where I work, forged links with the Women’s Network and launched campaigns on various subjects.

This week Cat Humphries sent me the picture below, highlighting the kind of lazy sexism which greets women at the other end of the academic year.  Just when it’s time to be proud of achievements and chill out, she found herself faced with images which suggested her role…

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